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Wolfe Press

Wolfe Press


With a background in nursing and a Masters Degree in Holistic Health, Arlene Curcio Armbrecht has always been inspired to engage with others in a meaningful way. Through parenting her own three children and nurturing countless others as a school nurse, she saw first hand the incredible impact storytelling can have on a child’s life. Thinking back to her own childhood, she realized she has always loved writing.... as a young girl she would carry a notebook around day to day or on long car rides, passing the time by jotting down stories and creating characters. It was out of these memories that Wolf Press was born. Arlene truly believes in the power and wonder a book can possess in the eyes of a young reader... and so she decided to start her own writing career with Children’s Books. Her dream is to create books that help children embrace their unique talents and strengths and empower them to be unapologetically themselves. Her first release is titled "Penny Pigeon Wants to Roller Skate". Arlene is the proud mother of three amazing humans(Kiefer, Meghan and Adam), and “Dukes” to three awesome grandchildren (Logan Wolfe, Jackson Bear and Penelope Fox) whom she adores.

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