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Vincent & Noah Pet Supply & Apparel

lauren stackman

How funny are animals in people clothes??? Vincent & Noah owner Lauren thinks they are hilarious! A Pitbull mom herself, she began to think of how unfair it was that people were afraid of Pitbulls and other big breeds because of their reputation as being these jaw-locking monsters. After looking at her Stage-Five Clinger Vincent, she decided to try and change the narrative. A trip to Joann Fabrics and 3 hours later Vincent & Noah had its first product: bowties. Vincent Rupert Peter Price, one half of the company's namesake was the first model. Lauren decided to venture into other products such as treats, paw balms, and coats out of necessity. After taking a trip to a local pet store and reading the ingredients on some of the big brand treats and balms Lauren knew that she could do better by her boy. And Vincent, being a plus-sized model, could not shop for his apparel "off the rack" so custom coats were up next. After sending some samples to Noah, Vincent's brother and littermate, Lauren figured she and her sister could not be the only ones having trouble finding things for their loved ones, and so Vincent & Noah Pet Supply & Apparel was born!

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