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Siren Essentials - Elderberry Syrup, Teas and Wellness Products

Siren Essentials - Elderberry Syrup, Teas and Wellness Products

Jessica Morin

Local, honest, organic Elderberry Syrup , Organic Elderberry Herbal Tea Blends and plant based Cleaning Products. Siren Essentials brings you these hand crafted, small batch artisan products with locally sourced ingredients to keep your immunity boosted and your space clean. Siren Essentials uses all organic ingredients in her recipes that people keep coming back. Along with local honey and a Berkey Water filtration system, her attention to detail and quality control shows with each product. Great for adults and kids. The antioxidant rich elderberry proves to have so many health benefits that will aid all year round, especially here at the Jersey Shore. Delicious, organic, honest ingredients , always served with a smile. Siren Essentials makes her product in a commercial kitchen and is fully insured. Come taste the goodness and be healthy all year long !

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