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PK's Four Brothers Farm

Malcolm Salovaara

PK's Four Brothers Farm was founded in Bernardsville, NJ in 2016 based on a mission of land-healing agricultural principles and the desire to provide delicious and nutritious food to the local community. On our 20 acres of pasture and 40 acres of woodlands we raise pastured chicken, pastured eggs, pastured pork, pastured turkey, grass-finished lamb, and soon-to-be grass-finished beef. We also do all of our own culinary work in a nearby licensed facility, which ensures that all our sausages, broths, and cured products are handmade with the highest quality ingredients, oftentimes harvested straight from the farm's own gardens. We move all our animals either daily or almost-daily to ensure that the land health improves and the animals themselves remain happy and healthy. We love watching our pastures heal each season and helping to enhance our customers' gastronomic experiences with high quality products.

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