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Paws and Anchor

Nicole Kienlen

Providing the local beach community with unique pet services & products specializing in creature comfort, enrichment, and activity for your pet. They strive to establish a steadfast & reassuring relationship with their clients while improving overall well-being. Paws and Anchors goals for you and your pets include constructing the means for a clean and healthy environment; improving quality of life by stimulating your pets mind; redirection & encouraging energy in a positive way; and providing comfort and emotional security. Paws & Anchor’s In-Shop Services provide a number of basic and specialized services for dogs of all shapes, sizes and dispositions. Including, but not limited to, grooming, self-service dog wash, pet safe color applications and tattoos, organic treat bakery, and premium unique retail products. They'd be happy to give you a quote based on a description of your pet and his or her needs! Paws & Anchor’s In-Home Care Services provide care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. They come to you for any care your pets might need, including but not limited to, walks, feedings, medication administration, litter or yard scooping, nail trims, and more!

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