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Next Of Kin


Next Of Kin, LLC is a New Jersey based company established in 2015 to offer hand selected, quality, and well designed art, apparel and furnishings. Our designs ranges from vintage, trendy and one of a kind. We at Next of Kin believe strongly in connecting and evolving. We are looking into art workshops and events and partner with local businesses, working together to build a creative network and help establish and strengthen local purchasing. CEO’s Melissa Grywalski and Danielle Marie Mullins both have vast history in the creative field of Fine Arts from Montclair State University. With Next of Kin, they realized their goal of establishing and fusing their many passions into life style brand. Danielle is a third generation fashion designer. This passion has been passed down through her mother side mixed with the conceptual mind shes embraces from her father's side. She has always been finding different creative outlets for her fertile mind since she was young. Growing up and watching her mother sew and assemble clothes, she’s a natural with the sewing machine. Along with her degree in Studio Arts, her apparel as much original as it is unique. She enjoys the thrill of thirsting able to monetize the pieces for present day. Now with all her years of traveling she is able to bring a new concept to her discovered vintage pieces. With a BFA from Montclair State University concentrating in sculpture, art has always been of great import to Melissa. She embraces her art as a meditative and creative process that allows her to explore her spirituality and experiences as both a human and a woman. Driven by a combination of thriftiness and the desire for eye-catching apparel, she decided to begin redesigning clothing and everyday objects. After five years of corporate work that provides no outlet for creativity, she decided to partner up with Danielle. This union channels Melissa energy in a successful and more productive direction.

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