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Momma's Home Made

Daisy / Jaconda Smith /Bell

Momma's Home Made has well rounded products that fits everybodys needs. Products for Vegans, Vegetarians, and everyday people. We have a Apple Garlic Hot Wing sauce that's buttery, garlicky, and Flavorful. Bangin Barbecue sauce ,that has a ll the elements. Its sweet , savory, smoky and a little peppery. Apple sauce that taste like Apple-Pie. Sweet Potatoe syrup, thats made from wholesome, simple ingredients, used as a syrup or glaze for meats, vegetables, or fruits. Apple Carrot Cake in a Jar, is a super moist gourmet cake . that's sold as a set with applesauce. All your dry ingredients already preneasured for a carrot cake or applesauce cake.

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