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Krista Lynn Designs

Krista Lynn Designs

Krista Eggering

Krista Lynn Designs - Wearable Pieces of Art embraced with Gemstones and Clay - Designed, Sculpted, and Painted by Krista Lynn Artist Statement: I believe that each piece of jewelry that I create will attract its rightful owner. My personal insight and message is what makes me different from others artists. I believe in a higher spirit and believe that the universe will provide. Most importantly, I believe that the spiritual power of the stones help in healing and what better place to heal then in a magical wonderland. My only hope is that the wearers of the creations envision the wonderland and believe that there is a force in our world, a higher being, that is here to guide and enhance peace within ourselves. Belief is what brings energies to the inner voice inside. Listen to it, caress it, and most of all believe in yourself. — Krista Lynn

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