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Jerky James Fine Meats, LLC

James Maga

Jerky James Fine Meats is a USMC Veteran Owned Business just south of Atlantic City. They specialize in Gourmet Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Ahi Tuna Jerky that uses there own unique blends of spices and sauces to create mouth watering jerky. All of the products are smoked to perfection with a wide variety of flavors ranging from intense heat to a mellow mild so every taste bud can be satisfied. They take personal pride of putting out a quality product and they have a great following and a great reputation in the tristate area. They would be an excellent fit for your markets. They have experience in doing small and very large shows and events throughout the area and specialize and keeping all of there customers happy. They have a very professional set up and for holiday events they have a lot of awesome gifts with there products to select from. This guy is the real deal

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