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Crystal Kodada

Like most women, from time to time my handbag became more or less a dumping ground for all of the personal items I carried with me everyday. Because everything was thrown together into one compartment, I constantly found myself wasting time searching endlessly through my handbag for keys and other items that I needed. The problem seemed to be the lack of designated pockets to properly store all of the personal items I carried in my purse on a daily basis. After doing my research I found that there weren’t many options for functional handbags that were still stylish and feminine. That’s when I decided to put my background in accessories design to good use and create luxury handbags that are not only functional but stylish as well! The focus of CRYSTAL KODADA designs is to build handbags that deliver an empowering, memorable experience for women seeking elegant efficiency. All while bringing business back to the USA and supporting local production in our country. All CRYSTAL KODADA handbags are manufactured in New York City, staying true to our story and passion. Every detail on a CRYSTAL KODADA handbag has a reason to coexist, providing a balance of functionality, versatility, sustainability, and beauty. We design with purpose, not for the sake of creating just a “stylish” product, but a trustworthy companion redefined in a handbag built to positively impact your life. That is the integrity of a CRYSTAL KODADA Handbag. When you carry a CRYSTAL KODADA, it’s not about status. It’s about expressing your individuality. You are the focus. Let your handbag be your sidekick. Because both of my parents were in the fashion industry, I was introduced to the world of fashion design and production from a very young age. My passion for handbags led me to study Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Just before graduating, a licensing company recruited me as a handbag designer. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate on various successful brands including Botkier, Nicole Miller, Cosmopolitan, and Jessica Simpson. Years later, my aspiration to push the boundaries of fashion and accessories led me to create the CRYSTAL KODADA brand. My brand is built on a solid foundation of "LOVE" and "PASSION, staying true to the mantra "Everything Happens For A Reason."

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