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Bret Morgan

Bret Morgan

CEO, Founder, & Partner

Bret founded Asbury Fresh as a "side project" back in 2012 before it formally joined the Merchwerks family in 2016. He is the co-founder and partner of Cowerks , Bands on a Budget , and a partner of Humble Humans , a software development shop with an emphasis on design and branding.

  • Favorite Veggie: Kale
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Ashtanga Yoga & Bike Rides
  • Secret Skill(s): Artisan Breadmaking & Gourmet Vegan Chef
  • Best Thing About His Job: Working with a great team and getting to spend summer days outside in a park.
Danny Croak

Danny Croak

COO, Partner

Danny is the Chief Operations Officer and partner for Fresh Markets. He is responsible for managing our backoffice operations, strategic planning, and finances. Danny is also a co-founder and partner of Cowerks , Bands on a Budget and a partner of Humble Humans.

  • Favorite Veggie: TBA
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: TBA
  • Secret Skill(s): TBA
  • Best Thing About His Job: TBA
Gregory Edgerton

Gregory Edgerton

CCO, Partner

Greg is the Chief Creative Officer and partner for Fresh Markets. He is responsible for everything from setting brand aestetic to front end web design and development. Greg is also a partner of Cowerks , Bands on a Budget and the founder and partner of Humble Humans.

  • Favorite Veggie: Arugula ... it’s a Veg-it-able
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Hanging with the family
  • Secret Skill(s): I can jump through one leg, I am also the Lord of Catan
  • Best Thing About His Job: Working and collaboration with so many inspiring people!
Brian Sienkiewicz

Brian Sienkiewicz

Head of Product

Brian is the head of product for Fresh Markets. His responsibilities include managing day to day operations as well as engaging with vendors, sponsors, and other market stakeholders. In his spare time, Brian makes furniture from reclaimed materials under his brand Wood Vibrations Restorations.

  • Favorite Veggie: Peppers. Because I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Playing with my G.I. Joe action figures. I just hated when my older brother called them dolls.
  • Secret Skill(s): Tango dancing
  • Best Thing About His Job: I love getting to know the back stories of how all of our vendors came to be who they are. We have a most excellent group of folks vending at our markets!
Kristy Cotrell

Kristy Cotrell

Market Manager

Producing a great market involves having a great "on site" team to manage on the ground operations. Kristy has joined us for our 2017 season to help us deliver on this promise.

  • Favorite Veggie: Cucumbers
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Painting, running, and volunteering at my favorite goat sancutuary. I also have a weakness for murder mystery novels.
  • Secret Skill(s): I'm a killer cook. You name it, I can make it.
  • Best Thing About Her Job: Being a part of the community.
Brittany Jacobs

Brittany Jacobs

Software Developer

Brittany is a developer here at Fresh Markets and is responsible for managing and maintaing our custom software platform. Coming from a background in health and wellness as well as software development, her engineering chops paired with understanding our mission allows us to build a better platform for our customers.

  • Favorite Veggie: Broccoli
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Jogging the boardwalk or local parks
  • Secret Skill(s): Drawing/Painting
  • Best Thing About Her Job: My team!
Leah Passafiume

Leah Passafiume

Production Designer

Leah's responsibilies include creating and managing all of the Fresh Markets digital and print collateral. If you see a lamp post sign, an Instgram or Facebook ad, or a piece of print collateral with our branding, it had Leah's touch.

  • Favorite Veggie: Red, Yellow & Orange Peppers!
  • Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Hiking with my puppy
  • Secret Skill(s): Telling you would defeat the point of it being a "secret" skill.
  • Best Thing About Her Job: Being surrounded by a team of creatives.

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